Our Mission

David Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community of people who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our mission is to reflect His will for His people, and His love for all people, by...

  • Intentionally striving to spread the Lord's love and give witness to His Word in caring and compassionate ways to the unchurched and needy; and to the children enrolled in our Christian Preschool program;
  • Inviting (through a variety of means) the unchurched -- both of the community around us, and those enrolled in our Christian Preschool program -- to become a part of our Christian fellowship;
  • Providing our church as a place where people can come together to experience the support of fellow Christians;
  • Nurturing the leadership capacities of our members in being servants of the Lord, and enabling each individual to discover and use his/her gifts; and...
  • Developing spiritual growth through the study of God's Word, and providing opportunities for all ages within our congregation to put our faith into practice.

Our Vision Statement

When we think of Mission, we think about what we are called by God to do. For David Evangelical Lutheran Church, that mission is summed up in the phrase: Know Christ, Make Christ Known.

When we think of Vision, we think about who we are called by God to be. After careful prayer and discernment, the following Vision Statement reflects that identity. It tells us not only who we are now but who God sees us becoming – God’s divine image of David Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is by continuing to study, pray over and act upon this Vision Statement that we will more fully become the church God created us to be:

I dream of a place where God
Gathers us together in the presence of the Holy Spirit
Using our gifts in joyful service,
Cultivating our trust in Him,
Leading us in spiritual growth and
Empowering us to Make Christ Known.
— *Affirmed by the congregation, November 2013