Sunday Morning Worship


service times

8:00 am  Lutheran liturgy with Holy Communion

9:45 am  Celebration Worship with Holy Communion

9:30 am  Sunday School Opening

11:00 am Lutheran liturgy with Holy Communion

We offer two different styles of worship each Sunday morning.

Our 8:00 service features a traditional style of the Lutheran liturgy using a hymnbook and the pipe organ. But don’t worry about following along, our service order is also printed in a handout. 

Our 9:45 service features a blended style of traditional and contemporary elements. The service order is more informal but follows the Lutheran pattern of worship. The service is printed in a handout and projected on a large screen up front. This service is led with guitar and piano, with some keyboard and pipe organ elements thrown in.

The 9:45 service is preceded at 9:30 by our Sunday School opening. Held in the same place as the 9:45 service, this program features music geared toward the younger, a message for the children by the pastors, and prayer. After the children leave for Sunday School, there is some quiet time for reflection and meditation prior to beginning of the 9:45 service. The children return from Sunday School in time for Holy Communion.

At 11:00 we repeat the same traditional style of worship that we offer at 8:00.

Speaking of Holy Communion, we celebrate the Sacrament at both services every Sunday. We practice “open communion” which means that, if you commune in the church you come from, you are welcome to commune with us. We serve homemade communion bread and regular grape wine but have gluten-free wafers and grape juice available at both services. Just ask.

Finally, during both services, we have a time we call “Sharing the Peace”. Jesus said to his disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” When we share the peace during the service, we are continuing the custom Jesus taught. This means that while everyone is standing after the prayers, folks shake hands or otherwise greet one another with the words, “The peace of the Lord be with you.” It is both a greeting and a blessing. You will find that many folks will wish to share the peace with you. (Should you be concerned about germs, there are bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer in each row.)


Most folks come to the services in casual dress clothing. You will see some ties and jackets on the men but mostly polo shirts, Dockers, jeans and, in the summer, shorts. Some women wear dresses every Sunday while others dress in casual blouses, slacks and capris, jeans and, yes, in the summer, shorts. Overall, we are not concerned about what folks wear but that they come and be comfortable.


Having a preschool as part of the church, we are used to children being with us during the worship service. For those who desire it, a Nursery, staffed with two trained and background-checked adults, provides care during the 9:45 service. For those who just want to “step out” for a moment, there is ample space and comfortable chairs in the Entry area along with glass doors to enable you to see the service. We also have activity bags for children that includes coloring supplies, games and books. Just ask one of the ushers and they will be glad to get one for each child.


The church has two main points of entry on Sunday morning – the front entry facing the main street (Groveport Road) and a side entry (from the parking lot on the east side of the building, facing the picnic shelter.) Both are used on Sunday mornings but mainly folks come in from the parking lot on the east side. If you enter from the front, you will come immediately into our Entry and Fellowship area. If you enter from the east side parking lot, you will come into a hallway that leads straight ahead to the Entry and Fellowship area. Either way, you’ll find yourself in the hub of Sunday morning activity.

In our Entry area, you will find warm and friendly folks who will greet you and make you feel welcome. You will find our information station with loads of handouts and printed material but, more importantly, you will see our large video display of activities, events, and information. You may want to take a moment and check this out. If you come just prior to our 9:45 service or stay after our 8:00 service, you will find coffee, drinks and other goodies at our Refreshment Station. Please, help yourself.


All one level, except for the Education wing, the church is generally accessible for those with mobility issues. The restrooms are a bit small but do have accommodations such as hand rails and larger stalls. A regular wheelchair and a power chair are available for use as needed. Ushers and others are always available to help.


At both services each Sunday we take up a “collection”. We believe that giving is part of our practice of faith and we encourage our members and regular visitors to contribute to the work and ministry of Jesus in this place. Therefore, you will see people putting money or offering envelops in the offering plates. You, however, are our guest. We do not expect anything from you except that you worship with us, praise God, hear the Word and join us for Holy Communion. The Spirit will do the rest.